World War I- a short history

May 22, 2012 | In: World War I

First of all, i want to highlight something that few people actually know and use. Did you know that World War I used to have another name before World War II? No?! Well, its first name was The Great war.

Ok, with that out of our hands, let’s begin with debriefing what were the motifs that influenced the beggining of one of the world’s bloodiest events.

In comparison with WW II, WW I wasn’t so straightforward in terms of what actually caused the war. In WW II, the whole planet knew what Hitler was up to. In the First WW, a serie of events that inially didn’t anounce anything added up to a decision that shocked mankind.

The Great War is a classic example of “one  thing led to another”. There were many fallen empire and nations in full expansion that wanted to gain something from a possible conflict. The main is that all of them wanted the same things in the same time.

When you think about an event with such magnitude, you’ll probably expect a fabulous event or a gruesome one. Well, in WW I, the first spark started in a relatively small city, compared to London or Paris.

In the next article we’ll talke about this exact event. I’ll give you a teaser: i’m sure you heard some Franz Ferdinand music.. Tune in and you’ll see that this name sits on top of WW I main starting events.

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