The Gulf War

May 28, 2012 | In: American battles, Modern battles

The Gulf war was one of the most profitable battles in American history. I say that because of the very small number of human casualties, compared to what US troops were used to, and of course, compared to the other parts involved. To put it briefly, the balance looked like this: 378 to 200.000.

The major factor providing this result is the fast expanding American technology, fact that proved once more that the USA is a major player in the world’s military stage.

The Gulf War started in August 1990 and ended the next year, in February, exactly 6 months after the first shot.

The two forces involved were Iraq and a coalition of approximately 30 nations, led by the USA forces. The main goal was to free the nation of Kuwait.

The war began when Iraq invaded Kuwait, accusing its citizens to have illegally drilling petroleum from Iraqi territory. The echo of the conflict soon got to US officials and was the basis for the economic sanctions against Iraq.

The actual hostilities began in January 1991, resulting in the crushing of Iraqi forces and minimum casualties for the coalition forces. One month later, all Iraqi troops were forced to return to their country. Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi dictator sent many missiles against the US troops, but being caught in a struggle with no clear way to victory, he started bombing Saudi Arabia and Israel. Israel came to his aid in the Iran-Iraq war, but as soon as that conflict was over, Saddam violated many Israeli terms and human rights and so, increasingly, all his major allies were forced to leave him.

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