The American Civil War

May 22, 2012 | In: American battles, Civil Wars

The American Civil War shaped the country and made it as it is today.

First of all, before the war, one major question stormed the minds of every citizen: should America be a confederation of small states, or a sovereign state with one single Government? Besides that, another major issue occurred: should America, the nation that depicted itself as one in which all men are born with equal chances to pursue happiness and freedom, remain the biggest slave holder in the world?

The Civil War began with the election, in 1960, of Abraham Lincoln, the first president who pledged to keep slaves out of the country. Soon after, seven states from the south formed the Confederate States of America. They strongly disagreed with President Lincoln.

The actual fighting began in April 1861, when Confederate forces captured Fort Summer in Charleston Bay. Lincoln immediately condemned these actions and called for the militias to intervene. That triggered another 4 states to join The Confederate States.

For another 3 long years (1862-1856), major battles took place all over the USA (The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, etc.). In 1965, General Tecumseh got deeper into confederate territory and destroyed their economic infrastructure. In the mean time, General George Thomas destroyed the Confederate Army of Tennessee at the battle of Nashville.

In spring 1865, all the principal Confederate armies surrendered, the resistance collapsed and the war ended. And so, the long process of rebuilding a nation free of slaves began.

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