Richard the Lionheart

May 22, 2012 | In: Medieval Battles

Richard I was born in 1157 and died in 1199. He was the king of England between 1189 and 1199. People named him this way because of his military reputation.

Although he was born in Oxford, England, he was half English, half French. When his parents separated, he remained with his mother in France. He inherited Aquitania in 1168 and Poitiers in 1172.

In 1770, his brother Henry was crowned king of England, as Henry III. Historians named him Young Henry, so he wouldn’t be confused with King Henry III of England.

Crowned king at the age of 30, Richard stands in front of the Third Crusade’s army. Being a mastermind of war machines and an expert in conquering strong castles, he manages to take Saint-Jean-d’Acre in just one week, while Philip II didn’t take any actions in 6 months. Full control of the army comes when the King of France, disappointed of not achieving anything in battle, withdraws and returns to his country, stating and illness.

Richard regained the coast of Palestine, but not Jerusalem. Saladin generously accords free circulation to the pilgrims towards the Holy City. Little time after, Richard was taken prisoner in Germany, while he was returning from the Holy Land. For a generous reward and with the support of the people (led by Robin Hood), Richard gets his throne back and immediately attacks France.

In his last siege, Richard gets hit by an arrow. The wound wasn’t deadly, but because of the lack of medical assistance, it got infected and after a week the King died. He was buried at the Rouen Cathedral. His properties were England’s properties and eventually caused the 100 years’ war.



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