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June 2, 2012 | In: World War I

I’ll begin with a powerful sentence, which has the potential to raise many questions, regardless of the political system or the religious one:

history learning begins with : Once upon a time, there was nothing.

That was about 13 billion years ago, before energy and matter exploded, giving birth to the Universe. The first stars lit 1 billion years after that. Our planet was created at the same time with the Sun, almost 4,6 billion years ago. It took one billion years in order for Earth to have the necessary conditions to create life: it had land, water and air. For more than 4 billion years after that, nothing special happened.

250 million years ago, the world Continent, called Pangaea, started to break up, creating the continents as we know them today: The Americas, Afroeurasia, Australia and Antarctica.

220.000 years ago, packs of Homo Sapiens, the ancestors of modern man, appeared in Africa. Soon after, they developed human language, managing to understand one another.

In 200.000 years, humans migrated all over the world, except Antarctica.

10.000 years ago, the last Ice Age was over, and most of the ice from all over the world melted. So, big animals like the Mammoth disappeared and made way for smaller ones. The number of human beings was increasing every day, and the need for food made them to start farming. Because of farming development, people stopped moving around, because to farm means to live in one place. And so, people began to construct villages. Even though more villages meant more people, pollution and disease spread, mankind didn’t stop developing. Many cultures, like Mesopotamia and Egypt flourished and gave birth to Ancient Cities. This is the time writing was discovered. After that, many civilizations emerged and the writings from back then can certify what I’m saying.

That happened almost 4000 years ago. This is when the fighting begins and when history started.

In Asia, the Shang Dynasty emerged and ruled all over the Contintent.

In India, Hinduism appeared, while in current Israel, Judaism emerged. While these two civilizations developed, in Ancient Greece, the Trojan War was fought.

Not many years passed and the Etruscans appeared.

We’re now in 2500 B.C. In Greece, big cities developed into city-states, while the Assyrian Empire flourished in the Middle East.

While Romans and Greek started to make their own coins, in Asia, people gave spirituality an enormous amount of respect. This is when Confucius and Buddha lived.

2000 years ago, Christianity appeared as a religion. The Roman Empire flourishes and for the next hundred years things settled in Europe, at least.

It was Christianity that changed the world again, through the Great Schism, 1000 years ago. With the Croce in their hands, the crusaders marched to Asia and Africa, killing everything in their way.

Little after that, Magna Charta Libertatum was written, and we still remember it as the first human right declaration.

We’re in the great discoveries period. Marco Polo, Magellan and many others sailed their way to the Americas, India, Australia and many other countries.

The Ottoman Empire arises, after the fall of Rome, and the Hundred Year War started.

After that, mankind invented gun powder. With its help, the Colonization of the Americas was made possible.

All over Europe, gunshots and the sound of tickling swords were heard. The French Revolution took place and changed the world as we know it. Philosophy flourishes all over the continent, and before you know it, the population reaches 1 billion. When it reaches 2 billion, The First World War begins. 20 years of peace and The Second World War starts.

We reach the moon, the communists rule over many countries until 1989. The World Trade Center twin buildings collapse… and many others described on history learning site.

I’m sure some important events slipped through my fingers, but my hopes are that I managed to make a pretty good briefing of what we call home.

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