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Although the world is recognizing the woman as equal to man from 100 years before, no one could say, man or woman, that the history of mankind wasn’t modeled by extraordinary woman figures. I, personally think that women were always the trigger of any major conflict, and many other times, a woman was the one to set the records straight. Below you’ll find some of famous women in history

Even from ancient times, women were worshiped by people over the world, and if you can remember Helena of Troy, you can fully understand what I mean. She wasn’t a goddess, but she represented the main trigger of probably the most important fight in ancient history.

Climbing in history, we can see how Cleopatra influenced the history of the greatest empire mankind knows. Through her beauty and charms, she swept Caesar and Marc Anthony after that from their duties.

In the Middle Ages, we can see Joan of Arc guarding her country and guiding her troops towards victory. Sadly, the Inquisition didn’t think she was an important figure in history and decided to kill her.

But probably the most important woman figures can be found in modern times, maybe because history facts accuracy, or just because they had more freedom to change things, to the better. I recommend you read one or two things about Mary Antoinette, an extraordinary figure that changed art and music history. She was also killed, but this time by the rulers of The French Revolution.

In the 19th century, there were many figures that changed the history of Europe, in particular, and the World, in General. I searched the internet and read some very interesting books, and found a very interesting figure in a place not many of you know and not many people in the world heard about. I found that in Romania lived Queen Elisabeth, a member of the Hohenzollern family, after she married the King of Romania, Karl I of Hohenzollern. She was an immense philanthropist, an astounding writer and a defender of Romanian arts and crafts. Even to this day we can find remains of her work in the Eastern European country; things like the Peles Castle, the Balcic Castle, the Orient Express and many other things that remind us of the immense love Queen Elisabeth of Romania had for her country.

Of course, we must talk about figures more recent to us, figures that influenced major political decisions in Europe and not only.

I’ll begin by saying that the longest prime-minister mandate in Europe belongs to a woman. You guessed it; we’re talking about Margaret Thatcher, the prime-minister of the UK between 1979- 1990. The Iron Woman, as her opponents called her, was born in England and learned politics from his father, a Conservative Party supporter. Margaret Thatcher made many bold decisions that helped her to become on of the best political figures in modern history.

Of course, there are many important women throughout the history, women who changed the course of things, making them better or worse, but, in the end, all for the better. It is a stupid thing to say that men and women are not equal, but sadly, for more than 2000 years, men believed so. If we look down on the map, we see that Islamic countries still think that. That tells us that the battle isn’t over, and we’ll still fight preconceived convictions for the next 100 years or so.

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